Bridgeton Moore Aluminum Tall Driveway Gates (KIT)

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Product Description

Bridgeton Moore Aluminum Tall Driveway Gates (KIT)

    • Weather Resistant
    • The set uses fully welded and constructed 100% aluminum frames
    • Overall Measures 190x12x127
    • Easy Installation


    Designed and cast in 100% aluminum that will never rust requiring little to no assembly. The finish is a rich brown bronzed tone with hand brushed highlights that accent the details and then a long lasting double powder coat finish is applied, making this the longest lasting, lowest maintenance, easiest to install, turn-key system in the market for any price. Comprised of a left and a right gate which comes pre-mounted to their respective posts each with a pre-mounted welded wheel for smooth operation and the posts where designed to mount easily to the provided mounting spike. Owners, installers and especially do it yourselfers will love the ease of installation that the systems design and provided mounting spike offers making the installation of such a beautiful gate system as easy as banging the spikes into the ground and then just bolting the post to it, the bottom of post and the top of the mounting spike have pre-drilled holes that will align with each other for bolting down. Note * If the location of installation does not offer a solid soil or for those simply wishing a more permanent installation floating and leveling the mounting spike first into a 16” square or round x 30 “ deep concrete form is advised once hardened you can then bolt the post to the spike ( when leveling your mounting spike leave enough room above the concrete for connecting your bolts, you can fill in this gap with anything appropriate to match the area after connections are made. The decorative scrolls on top of the gates are shipped separately for safety and need to be simply attached. The Bridgeton Moore Estate System is a traditional and exclusive collection of beautiful Driveway and Entry Gates, Fencing, Railings, Posts and Lights cast in 100 % Aluminum. Bridgeton Moore has taken 10 years of developing and evolving this to be the finest most complete system in the market and finally replacing what was only previously available in cast Iron. This intricate level of design and this complete of a collection had never before been available in Aluminum. It required a upfront multi-million dollar investment in giant die cut steel molds to cast the first gate, but now Bridgeton Moore can precision cast each piece efficiently and in their entirety. Aluminum is the best metal for outdoor use 1)…. It doesn’t rust 2) ….The finished product is 1/3 rd. lighter in weight then iron, especially important when developing a gate that can be installed easily and operates over long periods of time off hinges and on wheels and 3)……. Will create significant less resistance in the long term use when installing a remote controlled gate opener ( sold separately). For centuries Iron casting was used and while it never could be cast as clean or with the same crispness of details, Iron did provide a customer looking for a beautiful gate the only option. Iron castings are achieved through an inexpensive sand mold process a very efficient process for creating an item which will only be cast in small quantities, Iron costs 28 times less then Aluminum at today’s 4 cents a pound versus aluminum at $1.15. And while the ability to create the beautiful design is comparable that is where the comparison ends. Iron weighs 3 times what aluminum does, making the installation of a large driveway gate like this require installation costs usually double the cost of the gate itself with the Bridgeton Moore Estate System the gate is already pre-hung on the post and you can easily install it yourself 2) Iron rusts and Bridgeton Moore System never rusts 3) Iron requires frequent painting for protection and with the Bridgeton Moore Estate System not for a long time. The decision is easy and with this complete system you can add on and expand now or in the future, Bridgeton Moore offers several sizes of fence options, posts and lanterns. Our customer service associates are knowledgeable and available to help with your ordering.


  • Weight: 286.5 lb
  • Width: 190 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 127 in
  • Catalog: GF-LG-AHBR290-D
  • Dimensions: 190.00 x 12.00 x 127.00
  • Material: Aluminum

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