Farmhouse Cape Bar Stool

Heritage Benchmade Furniture

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Product Description

The Farmhouse Cape Bar Stool is an all around good choice for Today’s livable Life Style’s. The chair design offers a timeless styling that would fit a wide array of Interiors. It has an interesting design with it’s exposed back and burlap backing defining the chairs authentic hand made appearance. The stool is hand made, one piece at a time, an example of age old craftsmanship that is finely crafted, and that will last with reasonable care. The hardwood used for the seating structure and strength is solid Mahogany. The designs finish is a steel brushed seasoned natural wood finish that works perfectly with any of the farmhouse or coastal tables or collections. The fabric chosen is linen in a neutral tone and woven thicker for a longer lasting and better grade of covering. The chairs are manufactured by the Heritage Collection, a division of AFD Home. Sold separately customers should order the correct Height for the Right Application: This Stool is appropriate for Conventional Bar Tables and Counters 40 to 43 Inches in height. For shorter Kitchen counters or Tables ranging from 36 to 39 Inches in Height order Farmhouse Cape Counter Stool (12018665) Hand Made and imported from Indonesia. No Assembly Required


  • Weight: 18 lb
  • Width: 23 in
  • Depth: 21 in
  • Height: 48.5 in
  • Features: The Farmhouse Cape Bar Stool offers a timeless styling that would fit a wide array of Interiors.Exposed back with Upholsterers burlap for backing define the chairs authentic hand made appearance.Matches beautifully with
  • Catalog: I-JM-HRC055
  • Dimensions: 23.00 x 21.00 x 48.50

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