Eagle Perched Left 79 Inches Tall

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Eagle Perched Left 79 Inches Tall

  • The Eagle Perched Left 79 Inches Tall is from the North America Wilderness Collection.
  • It measures 59 inches wide X 38 inches deep X 79 an impressive inches tall.
  • An Artist creation from the David foundry especially renowned for his Eagles.
  • The sculpture depicts the freedom and power of this magnificent species
  • The specialty finishing in walnut patinas draw attention to details further enhanced with silvering of the mane and polishing of the beaks and talons.
  • The Bronze Eagle Perched Left 79 Inches Tall is an Artist created creation from the David foundry. Specialists in Audubon subjects and is especially renowned for his Eagles sculptures. While it is exciting to capture a view in a natural setting, it can be even more impressive to own this life size heirloom creation. This statue is 100 percent authentic hand cast bronze in lost wax molds by the Timeless Creations Collection by AFD Home. Bronze is suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use and will virtually last forever. The finishing is a beautiful combination of multi tones of walnut patinas used to draw attention to details. Further work is done with silvering of the mane and tail feathers and polishing to shining detail the beaks and talons. The Eagle has been the United States national emblem since 1782 and a spiritual symbol for native people for far longer than that. Consider creating a dramatic Balance by adding The Eagle Perched Right 79 Inches Tall, which creates a very powerful entry statement. It can also be combined with other North American Animals to create a bigger collection. Hand Crafted by the Talented Bronze Artists in Thailand. No Assembly Require


  • Weight: 265 lb
  • Width: 38 in
  • Depth: 59 in
  • Height: 79 in
  • Catalog: B-W-55865
  • Dimensions: 38.00 x 59.00 x 79.00
  • Material: Bronze

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